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Re: MKHTML and users of bsd.*.mk in pkgsrc

In article <> Quentin wrote:
: [-- text/plain, encoding quoted-printable, charset: us-ascii, 38 lines --]

: Hi,

: From the I-really-had-no-idea-what-I-was-stepping-into, I just had a
: nice failure in pkgsrc, for an apparently innocent package, checkperms.

: Ever since a couple weeks maybe (I know there was some fuss about it,
: but I haven't followed closely), MKHTML has been turned on by default in
: base.

: Whether it's a good thing or not is not the scope of that post.  The
: fact is that on NetBSD, some packages in pkgsrc use the bsd.*.mk found
: in the base system.  They're impacted by such changes, notably for the
: PLIST or even the directory layout (in this case, checkperms fails
: installing because there's no logic to create LOCALBASE/man/html1).

: You'd think it is easy to turn MKHTML off for pkgsrc, but it's actually
: not:  packages are built so that /etc/mk.conf doesn't affect them.
: There is a valid reason for that:  the point, after all, is to have
: reproducible builds, independent of the environment.

: Except we still fail.

: So I propose the following:  pkgsrc should provide a default inner
: mk.conf for NetBSD (I hope it's the only platform where we use the
: host make in that way) with all the user-settables set to certain
: values, so that when a change is made ins src, it doesn't affect
: pkgsrc.

  Yes, I think that is the correct approach.

: Now there's the issue of eventually dealing with HTML man pages...

  Considering the amount of work that went into NetBSD's man pages so
they produce readable HTML output, I would not want to have to deal
with random third party man pages (that may not even be mdoc).


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