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Re: emacs packages fail

Aleksey Cheusov writes:

>  >> But EMACS_VERSION_MAJOR is empty.
>  >>    0 ! emacs-w3m>~/pkg.temp/bin/bmake show-var VARNAME=EMACS_VERSION_MAJOR
>  >>    0 ! emacs-w3m>
> > I've already reported this bug about year ago but it is still not fixed.
> >
> > Result of 'make show-var VARNAME=DEPENDS' should not depend
> > on whether emacs is installed or not.
> It's not clear for me what does this silence mean. About year ago I've
> reported a bug. Now I provide a solution, patch that helps to detect
> emacs version without running 'pkg_info -e <emacs>' by introducing
> <emacses>/Makefile.ver files and changing mk/ appropriately.
> I'd like to see PR/37146 fixed and my solution is easy.  Patch is also
> trivial, several Makefile.ver appeared and mk/ changed
> accordingly.
> So, what's the problem? :-( Is patch bad? Tell why.

It probably means most people aren't being bitten by this.  But I am
:)  Your solution looks pretty reasonable to me, it's pretty much how I
was thinking of structuring a fix to it last time I was mulling it.

I'll test it and commit it [before the freeze or after the freeze, but
not during :)] if there's no dissenting comments in the meantime...



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