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xine-lib plugins

There are currently two plugins for xine-lib: xine-arts and
xine-esound, which build the respective audio drivers.

xine-lib is not set up to allow building drivers individually; these
plugin packages work by configuring it with arts/esound and without X,
then building more or less the whole package and installing just the
one plugin file. This is tedious because it's a fair amount of wasted
compilation; it's also problematic because the plugin ABI might or
might not be invariant over those configuration changes and so the
resulting drivers might or might not work properly with the main
xine-lib package.

There's also right now a problem that due to a combination of
circumstances of the way things are set up, the plugin packages end up
with a bogus dependence on libXv, and maybe other things (and I'm
about to make this worse...)

I'm thinking it would probably make sense to kill off xine-arts and
xine-esound and instead compile in the support based on PKG_OPTIONS;
this would be consistent with a number of other packages and would
eliminate the problems.

Thoughts or opinions?

David A. Holland

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