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p5-* modules and DEPEND for tests


I am about to take the maintainership of some more perl modules. Right
now I see something inconsistent happening in pkgsrc. Some Perl modules
do included all the modules which are needed for successful tests in
their Makefile and some don't.

I found some PRs (like pkg/36504) which show that there seems to be a
need for testing from a system administators point of view. Since we
pkgsrc developer can't test all the Perl modules to ensure that they
are fully functional it might be a good thing to include the modules for
testing in the Makefiles.

The pkgsrc guide doesn't mention this kind of problem and I think in
order to get a consistent way of building and installing Perl modules
this should be clarified.

In order to keep dependencies short I would like to exclude all the
DEPENDS for testing the modules, mabye we should make use of the options
framework to activate them.

so the would just include


.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mtestsuite)
DEPENDS+=   p5-Test-Simple:...........

This would however flood pkgsrc with lots of files. So a
different approach might be needed.

Any suggestions on this?


Ulrich Habel                         NetBSD pkgsrc - your gcc screensaver      

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