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Re: remove emacs nox11 packages?

  Is it time to remove emacs21-nox11 and emacs-nox11? They serve no
  purpose that PKG_OPTIONS.emacs=-x11 doesn't, and at least

That's not quite true, because we don't build binary packages with
PKG_OPTIONS.emacs=-x11, so the similarity is only true for people
building from source.

  emacs21-nox11 has been bitrotting. (I noticed today that its
  PKGREVISION hadn't ever been bumped even though it shares patches with
  the regular emacs21.)

I think we now have the ability to have a package which is essentially
"build this other package, but with these options".  That would be a
replacement, and less prone to bitrot.

In general I'm not a fan of having packages for the 12 ways to build
things; that's implementing a binary-packages-for-options scheme already
expanded.  But emacs is very important, and systems without x11 are
still a reasonable concept.

Perhaps someone with clue about the option-setting copied packages can
point out an example.

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