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Re: make mdi and fetch/checksum

In article <> Joerg wrote:
: On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 05:48:53AM +0200, Dieter Baron wrote:
: > currently, make mdi (the convenience target to compute distinfo)
: > downloads the new distfile from every available master site in turn
: > and then fails.

: Do you have FAILOVER_FETCH set or not? I can only remember this behavior
: for the former case.

  Indeed I do.

  Still, trying to fetch the distfile again because we have no
checksum recorded is broken -- it will just fail again.

  So, should we:

1. make checksum/checksum return 0 if no checksum is recorded,

2. make fetch/fetch handle the special error code for no checksum and
   consider it not an error,

3. or should we add a special flag to fetch/fetch to not consider it
   an error and have make mdi set it?

  Personally, I prefer 1, perhaps have checksum/checksum output a

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