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dovecot updates kills NSS

I don't know whether this is my fault or an oversight in pkgsrc itself or atabases/nss_ldap.

Yesterday, on one of our mail servers, I updated dovecot from a binary package. The new version was built to depend on a newer version of openldap-client, so pkg_add -uu updated openldap-client, too. Unfortunately, the update removed some /usr/pkg/lib/ which the version of nss_ldap running on the machine was still using. So from that point on, NSS would have no LDAP backend on the machine. Fortunately, I immediately noticed this since the installation of the new dovecot package said it locally created user and group "dovecot" which we have in LDAP. So I managed to stop postfix before large amounts of mail were bounced due to unknown local recipients.

To me as a non-expert, the problem appears to be that nss_ldap registers a dependency for openldap-client>=2.x.y, but in fact depends on exactly 2.x.y to be installed. Or is the problem caused by the nature of nss_ldap being a library used by programs outside pkgsrc?

Of course, the problem was easily solved by updating nss_ldap.

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