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Re: package maintainers vs owners

In article 
David wrote:
: On Mon, 28 Apr 2008, David Brownlee wrote:

: >       Some package maintainers would like anyone else who wants to
: >       change the package to check with them first, while others are
: >       happy to have anyong update the package, but are available as
: >       a "in case you have questions" facility.
: >
: >       I'd like to suggest we add a new pkgsrc value "OWNER" for
: >       the first, and leave MAINTAINER for the second.

:         Since no-one has objected to this and I've had several positive
:         responses I'd like to propose the below changes to pkgsrc/mk
:         and pkgsrc/doc:

  Looks fine.  Thank's for doing this.

:         Effectively will set MAINTAINER from OWNER if
:         necessary but otherwall all logic and file formats remain
:         unchanged.

  Do we want OWNER (if set) to be recorded in installed & binary
packages?  (I lean towards yes.)  In pkg_summary?  (I lean towards
no.)  Anyway, we can fix this later, so don't let it stop you.


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