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Re: [desktop-discuss] What authorities/profile needed to build and install from SFE?

> > Are your tweaks included in the bootstrap linked below? It looks like you 
> a lot of tweaks in \usr\pkg\etc\mk.conf.tared. Basically would I be better 
> off 
> to delete everything I did myself and start again with your bootstrap? I'm 
> the new Opensolaris 2008.05.
> mk.conf is not the one I use now. look at attachements
> The best way is I put my work on the net. Just I will found  time to do it.
> And to make somethings useable and understandable.
> The best way is to share our work :)

That is the modified source I use to compile pkgsrc on S11.

You will find directories:
- pkg.share : environement +  sandbox's script.
- cvsmywork/pkgsrc : modified source based on 2007Q4
- cvsmywork/localpatches: additional patch for S10 and S11.

Have fun

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