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Re: how to upgrade a whole machine ...

At 16:40 Uhr +0200 07.05.2008, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
with pbulk, things aren't so bad. I though mk/bulk/ was being obsoleted
in favor of pbulk ?

Last I looked, it still lacked documentation. Setting it up was still convoluted. And it lacked a way of excluding all (kde|gnome|xfce|mozilla) from a build to finish a m68k bulk build this year, not this centennial. I can do the latter with mk/bulk/.

All in all, the replies have very much confirmed Herb's points, and many of my own experiences with pkgsrc as a user and sysadmin.

From my NetBSD pkgsrc herd at work, there's one machine left, and that's on pkgsrc2006Q{something} because, like Herb, I dread updating the thing. The rest of the machines have gone Debian, and as much as I hate administrating the system, their updates just work.

It seems to me that pkgsrc is really more of a research thing than anything that eventually will converge to a simple, powerful tool.


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