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globus package - simultaneous build/install

I am trying to make a package for globus
( so that I can use my NetBSD machines
as part of the Grid infrastructure.  This presents a big challenge for
pkgsrc, because the globus toolkit uses its own build infrastructure
that is not terribly friendly for pkgsrc.  Specifically, there is no
clear distinction between building and installing.  Indeed, the normal
build process installs files as it goes and then later uses them to,
for example, link against.  Needless to say, this does not play well
with things like buildlink3.  It is also a large monolithic system
that is not easy to decipher and probably much harder to modify so
that it plays nicely.  Thus, I think for now I am limited to working
within the existing build system.

So far I have a package that skips the build process (i.e.,
NO_BUILD=defined) and invokes the build target during install
(INSTALL_TARGET=...).  However, this ends up with installed scripts
that have ${WRKSRC} embedded within them (e.g., ${WRKSRC}/.../perl).
Clearly, this doesn't work.

This raises several questions:

- In general, how should a package handle the situation in which
  building and installing are the same thing?

- How can I prevent the embedding of ${WRKSRC} strings within files?

- Are there any other packages that solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.


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