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Re: pkgviews installed but then register-pkg target deletes

I notice that this still seems to be an issue (though the actual rm -fr
has moved around since then).

As to the second question, is pkgviews going away/changing/coming back
as something else?  The idea is a great one...


On 2006-10-06, said:

 > mk/flavor/pkg/ has:
 > .PHONY: register-pkg
 > register-pkg: generate-metadata ${_COOKIE.depends}
 > @${STEP_MSG} "Registering installation for ${PKGNAME}"
 > Is that rm -fr really needed?
 > Is there a case where this would have metafiles that should be removed?
 > For now I have removed that rm -fr for my own testing.
 > Johnny, a few months ago you had mentioned that pkgviews are going away or 
 > changing somehow. Can you refresh us about the ideas/plans with this?
 > Thanks

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