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Re: new Mesa 7.0.3-rc2 packages in pkgsrc-wip

I'll have to take a look at the non-dri build, as IIRC there are two
ways to go about this: we could either build libosmesa, or
indirect-only glx.  I may be mistaken about this, as I'm at least
partially burnt-out on mesa right now, heh.

For enabling the assembler code by default, we need to make sure that
it detects which to use in a sane way.  There is some undocumented
facility for using environment variables to decide which instructions
you want to use at run-time, as well as a handful of
platform-dependent tests in x86_common.c.  I added a patch to
automagically detect SSE using a sysctl check for machdep.sse.
If we sort this out and/or document the environment variable thing for
the user, then I see no *theoretical* problems with enabling it by
default, i.e. we can enable it so long as it works. ;)



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