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Several Packages Supporting Smart Cards

I created several packages to support the use of smart cards with NSS based application. I've been using my US DoD Common Access Card (CAC) with Thunderbird and Firefox on NetBSD-CURRENT for several weeks. With NetBSD 4.0, Thunderbird and Firefox abort when the CAC module is plugged in with an error in pthread initialization. Is is worth committing these packages?

They are:

1. coolkey-1.1.0

"CoolKeys are part of complete PKI solution that provides smart card
login, single sign-on, secure messaging, and secure email access. In
the complete solution, users are issued CoolKeys by their employer,
ISP, bank, or other agency. When the user plugs in the keys for the
first time, the keys are automatically provisioned with certificates,
keys, and a PIN unique to that user by the Red Hat Certificate System.
Once the CoolKey is provisioned, the user can take the key to any
system and use it to login (authenticate), send and receive signed and
encrypted email, or participate in secure messaging or IRC

2. pcsc-tools-1.4.12

pcsc_scan(1) regularly scans every PC/SC reader connected to the host if a card is inserted or removed a "line" is printed. ATR_analysis(1) is a Perl script used to parse the smart card ATR. The smartcard_list.txt list contains ATR of some cards. The list is used by ATR_analysis to find a card model corresponding to the ATR. scriptor(1) is a Perl script to send commands to a smart card using a batch file or stdin.

3.  pcsc-perl-1.4.6

This library allows to communicate with a smart card using PC/SC pcsc-lite from a Perl script.

4. pcsc-lite-1.4.99

Middleware to access a smart card using SCard API (PC/SC). Works in conjunction with libusb to access usb card readers (I use a SCR3310).


John R. Shannon

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