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binary packages, xpkgwedge, XAPPLRSDIR.


I've run into a situation where I've tarrup'd packages from one
host and installed on the other (via pkgtools/pkg_tarup). I've
noticed that xpkgwedge wasn't registered as a dependancy. This
also means that the message: You MUST set XAPPLRESDIR etc. bla
bla (see pkg_info -D xpkgwedge) does NOT appear during installation
of the created binary package.

This doesn't tho change the need for setting the XAPPLRESDIR
to $PREFIX/lib/X11/app-defaults . Yet the sysadmin has to "smell"
that this setting is lacking, and in case of problems look at
users' environments, compare, just to find out somewhen it was
a lacking XAPPLRESDIR set.

Shouldn't binary packages with a build-depend of xpkgwedge
somehow carry over the message about the need to define XAPPLRESDIR ?



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