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kdevelop-base: f2c is not installed; can't buildlink files.


When trying to build kdevelop-base in a bulk build (or an empty
sandbox, populated by binary packages), one gets:
===> Extracting for kdevelop-base-3.5.0nb4
===> Patching for kdevelop-base-3.5.0nb4
=> Applying pkgsrc patches for kdevelop-base-3.5.0nb4
=> Fix perl path.
===> Creating toolchain wrappers for kdevelop-base-3.5.0nb4
ERROR: f2c is not installed; can't buildlink files.
*** Error code 1

I traced this problem down to the following:
db4/ (which is included by kdevelop-base/Makefile)
includes In the Makefile parsing, this is the first
occurrence of the inclusion of that file, so it is handled. It finds
fortran in the languages and includes mk/compiler/, which in
turn includes lang/f2c/

However, at this point, BUILDLINK_DEPTH is already "+" (from
db4/, so the check in f2c/ doesn't add f2c
to BUILDLINK_DEPENDS, and the DEPENDS on f2c is missing.

I can work around this by including in
kdevelop-base/Makefile before db4/, but I'm not sure it's
the correct solution.


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