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Re: multiple version of packages with the same PKGBASE

  glib2 and glib (glib3) cannot coesist because glib2 "supersedes" glib.

  This why I included version REGIONS in my examples.
  They are important.

There's a larger point, which is that renaming is a bad thing.  If
there's ever a glib3, we should leave glib2 as glib2 and glib3 as glib3,
even if glib 1/2 completely fade from the earth.  This is a fuzzy line,
though as we upgrade emacs from 21 to 22 without renaming.  But we
should either have a foo/foo-devel pair where users are expected to
follow whatever version those go to, or foo11/foo12/foo13 when multiple
foos can be parallel installed and many things depend on them.

So, essentially I'm arguing that many cases that require this SUPERSEDES
logic should not have happened - my standard plea against renaming,
which will continue even if we have good mechanisms.

(I'm not saying you're a renaming advocate - it seems clear you are
trying to make automated tools work given the current reality....)

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