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Re: multiple version of packages with the same PKGBASE

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008, Greg Troxel wrote:

> With OVERRIDES it needs to be in the new packages.  Whether there's a
> database (pkgsrc/doc/CHANGES* currently), or it's distributed in a bulk
> build isn't a big deal.  But if it's in packages, then an updating
> program needs to look in every package, and they all need to be built.

The plan is to just use the pkg_summary details. And include the OVERRIDES 
choose to call it) in the pkg_summary data.

> And for source upgrades, one would have to iterate over the entire
> pkgsrc tree to figure this out.
> The basic difficulty is that the installed binary package can't encode
> how it's replaced, because that decision was made after it was
> installed.
> I agree that the splitting/renaming/etc. problem is serious.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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