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cross builds of pkgsrc X for all NetBSD ports that supported X? and set date when to switchover to pkgsrc X

Has anyone setup or done cross-compiling of pkgsrc's modular X for all of 
NetBSD's ports that currently support native X?

We should set a date (like July 2008) or pkgsrc quarter (2008Q2) or NetBSD 
version (4.1 or 5.0) for when we make X11_TYPE=modular become the default.

Or maybe this can be done on a port-by-port basis.

The xsrc can still be available for those who need it -- until pkgsrc 
completely replaces it.

By setting a date and switching to X11_TYPE=modular, many (maybe most) 
of NetBSD X end-users will get more packages and some better driver 
support -- and momentum and pressure will be on those needing to get code 
specific from NetBSD xsrc to upstream and pkgsrc.

I will help do bug reports upstream and also commit code upstream if you 
point me to the code and explain it.

Note that I already posted one list of every "xorg" change we had in 
NetBSD source but I didn't get much feedback:

I also tried (maybe a couple years ago) to compare "monolithic", and
official XFree86, with our xsrc to find our customizations, but the diffs 
were overwhelming :)

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I try to use binary packages for everything -- but I have to build X 
stuff from source since I choose to use modular.

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