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Re: nvi on MacOS

William J. Coldwell wrote:

> 8<---
>     When  an  executable  is  built  with  all its dependent dynamic  
> shared
>     libraries, it is typically stripped with:
>            % strip -u -r executable
>     which saves all undefined  symbols  (usually  defined  in  the   
> dynamic
>     shared libraries) and all global symbols defined in the executable  
> ref-
>     erenced by the dynamic libraries (as marked by the static  link   
> editor
>     when  the executable was built).  This is the maximum level of  
> striping
>     for an executable that will still allow the program  to  run   
> correctly
>     with its libraries.
> ---->8

"strip -u -r" (at least for my nvi binary) gives the same output binary
as "strip -s", so that also leaves us with a binary that doesn't work...

It seems that either strip -x or not stripping at all are the choices.


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