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Re: Complete lock-up from using pkgsrc/net/darkstat

On 27/05/22 06:00, John Klos wrote:
So here's an interesting problem:

On NetBSD 8, 9, current, with both ipfilter and with npf, with different kinds of ethernet interfaces (re*, wm*), run pkgsrc/net/darkstat. Pass a lot of traffic (like a week's worth of Internet traffic). Stop darkstat. Machine locks.

I had a go at reproducing this on NetBSD 9.99.79 with no luck. I was just pumping several TB of data into nc running on the host, so no IP forwarding or anything.

I do recall seeing a message about UDP buffer problems from the DNS lookup child and I've had named running in small systems fail with similar sounding error messages.

Maybe the problem is related to the number of DNS lookups the child process is doing rather than the number of TB the parent process is counting?


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