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Complete lock-up from using pkgsrc/net/darkstat

So here's an interesting problem:

On NetBSD 8, 9, current, with both ipfilter and with npf, with different kinds of ethernet interfaces (re*, wm*), run pkgsrc/net/darkstat. Pass a lot of traffic (like a week's worth of Internet traffic). Stop darkstat. Machine locks.

I've only recently been able to ascertain that it's directly related to darkstat, but because it hasn't happened locally, I don't have any more information than that, so not enough for a PR.

I'm going to try to reproduce the lockup on a physically local machine with a USB keyboard already attached in hopes that I can actually get in to the kernel debugger. I figured it's worth mentioning here in case anyone can imagine how and why a complete system lockup could happen as the result of an interface being used in promiscuous mode for long periods of time (and not when used that way for short periods of time.


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