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Re: mbuf cluster leak?

So I'm making some progress on this.

I'm now running a kernel with MBUFTRACE (thanks MvE for the hint).
What I see with netstat -mss is an abnormal increase in one of my vlan's 
tx allocations.
When I destroy that vlan if (and re-create/-configure it), that drops down 
to approximately zero; but running a program that grabs all available 
memory then doesn't lead to a substantial amount of Reclaim-s for mclpl.

There's nothing really special about that vlan. It's heavily used, 
there's NAT going on and there are several hundred active nat entries 
for it.

So there's most probably some sort of leak which may be corelated to NAT.

I'm still wondering whether there's a way of inspecting the contents 
of those mbuf clusters. I strongly suspect that looking at the contents 
will give a strong hint at what's going on.

Thanks for any hints.

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