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Re: Memory leak in sys/external/bsd/ipf/netinet/ip_fil_netbsd.c:ipf_send_ip()?

>>> I think looks like an error if it is not 4 or 6.
>> Yes, of course.  I didn't figure out whether some malicious packet
>> (which is somewhat likely on a gateway) could be arranged to tigger
>> that case.
> you could also add a printf() to see if this code path is used.

It occurs to me that there may well be non-malicious packets coming in
with ip_v - well, the four bits that in IP packets are ip_v - other
than 4 or 6.  Depending on what code paths ipf_send_ip can be called
from, they might be anything from spanning tree to EtherTalk to RARP
(though I haven't checked any of those to see what they have in those
four bits).

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