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Re: mbuf cluster leak?

On 29/04/2022 16:25, Edgar Fuß wrote:
Reason is that the mclpl pool is a "pool cache", things get allocated
from the pool but only lazily freed to the pool (and to the VM system)
when there is a memory shortage.
Ah, thanks for the explanation. But things should also be freed in case
the pool cache runs full, no? What I observe is, that (in the trigegred-by-
something-unknown case that it massively grows) the mbuf cluster pool
runs full up to the point where the machine's network becomes non-operational.
That's a good question. Just looked at my 9.2-STABLE firewall router which uses NPF to firewall between 2 wm interfaces.

vmstat -mW gives:
Requests: 2048, Releases 0

And it does stand out as unusual as most of the other memory pools do have release counts somewhere around the request count.

However the system is running just fine and happily forwarding traffic and has been for the last 160 days. Also fur the duration of the time I've been writing this e-mail that number has remained totally constant even though I've been interacting with it over SSH.

This system has:

kern.mbuf.nmbclusters = 130502


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