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Re: mbuf cluster leak? (was: Checking mbuf cluster usage)

>> I just had a network [hiccup] on our gateway, probably due to
>> "mclpool limit reached; increase kern.mbuf.nmbclusters".  [...]
> Are there any known memory leaks in 8.2?  I'm heavily using IPFilter
> on that gateway, but it never ran out of mbuf cluster during years of
> operation and then twice within a few weeks without any major change
> to the configuration or filter rules.

It might or might not be relevant: one of my 1.4T/sparc machines rarely
survives more than about 50 days of uptime without crashing "malloc:
out of space in kmem_map".  I have so far not managed to track down the
leak (when an edit-test-debug cycle takes two months, debugging is not
fast), so it's pure speculation that it even has anything to do with

But it might be worth at least considering the possibility that what
you're seeing is a very old issue.

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