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Re: Capturing packets when no IP address is assigned to the capturing interface

On 6/7/21 8:06 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
As mlelstv@ said, it's almost certainly about UP, not address.

So, after booting.

ifconfig foo0 up
tcpdump  -i foo0

and see how that goes.
You're both absolutely correct. Thanks! That also solves the bridging problem for me as well.

But Staffan had an IP address configured prior to trying to set up bridging with the tap interface, so that doesn't explain why that (bridging multiple physical interfaces and a tap interface with an IP address on the tap) didn't work for him. I read that some (most) wireless interfaces don't support bridging. I wonder if that's the problem in his case. Here are the two links about wireless not supporting bridging:

Does this also apply to NetBSD?

Thanks again!

Jason M.

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