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Re: Strange Netgear GA620T

> On Jun 4, 2021, at 6:18 PM, Jonathan Stone <> wrote:
> If dim memory serves, these cards were originally sold as 64-bit/66MHz PCI devices. The one I examined in a lab actually forced the PCI/PCI-X bus down to 33MHz. (You can check the relevant edge-connectors with a continuity meter.) If your aggregate bus bandwidth nosedives, that's probably why.
> I recall it vividly. It was the fastest-escalated support call I've ever had. Except they never called back.

In this case, I'm plugging it into a 33MHz/32-bit slot :-). I'm pretty sure the previous GA620T I had had some sort of hardware fault.  In any case, it now means, I can debug the issue that msaitoh@ reported to me, so all is good!

-- thorpej

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