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Re: npf questions/experience migrating from ipf on NetBSD8

> Ok, what about the rest of the file, you didn't show any rule groups.

I tried the example pretty much as-is, eventually tried this for
debugging, which should be about as promiscuous and
unfiltered as possible:

$ext_if = "wm0"
$ext_v4 = inet4(wm0)

$int_if = "bge0"
$int_v4 = inet4(bge0)

$localnet0 = { }

map $ext_if dynamic $localnet0 -> $ext_v4

procedure "log" {
        log: npflog0

group "external" on $ext_if {
        pass stateful all apply "log"

group "internal" on $int_if {
        pass stateful all apply "log"

group default {
        pass final on lo0 all
        block all

From watching the log, and peer behavior, no packets
are getting mapped.

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