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IPfilter problems known for NetBSD-9ish?


On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 06:26:15PM -0000, wrote:
> I decided to dig into replacing my ipnat/ipf ruleset with npf for my
> home router/firewall/nameserver/webserver so I can migrate from
> NetBSD 8 --> NetBSD 9 with less pain/fear...

What is this fear of ipfilter on netbsd9 that I'm keeping reading
about in side remarks? The only real error report that I found was
specific to NetBSD/Xen PV with ipfilter loaded as module, and some
CPP definition discrepancy assumed as the reason.

I'm running IPfilter on NetBSD/amd64 for a test with a 9.1_STABLE
kernel. If I should expect problems, I'd like to learn about them


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