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Re: npf and source routing

>> Sounds like what srt is designed for.
> I remember I wanted to git it a try some time ago, but the "srt is
> EXPERIMENTAL" comment in conf/ALL discouraged me.  Is that comment
> still relevant?

I don't know.  I've been using it routinely.  I'm not aware of anyone
else who has been, but I wouldn't expect to be.  I have not, however,
been using it in anything past 5.2, because I don't run anything past
5.2 (for unrelated reasons)[%], so I have no experience to say whether
or not it's bitrotted.

[%] Except at work, and the work setup isn't using srt.

> Anyway, thanks for the setup tutorial!  Maybe it should be added to
> the srtconfig man page?

You're welcome!  Putting it somewhere would be reasonable - either in
the manpage or somewhere else (/usr/share/examples?) with a pointer
from the manpage.

Rereading what I wrote, though, I think I made a mistake.

>	srtconfig srt0 set 0 vlan0
>	srtconfig srt0 set 1 vlan1

I think those need to be

	srtconfig srt0 set 0 /24 vlan0
	srtconfig srt0 set 1 /24 vlan1

(this is a misfeature in srtconfig; someone(tm) should fix it).

It's been years since I was in a position to commit anything, though.
I could send-PR it, or you could; since you're presumably using the
more recent system, it might make more sense for you to.

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