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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/net

>> As I was using it in the double-quoted text above, [...]
> AIUI NetBSD's bridge does L2 reception with CRC, and has tables of
> what goes where, and can do the spanning tree protocol, plus can
> store multiple packets in queues -- so it's a switch.

As I was using the term, yes.

> After some reading I conclude that bridge refers to early devices
> that are like switches  but don't have the buffering.  What you would
> have used in the 80s :-)

What I did use in the '80s! :-)  Still do, occasionally; I have a
10Mb-only hub - not switch - that I use when connecting certain older
hardware, hardware that has twisted-pair but is too impatient for
modern Ethernet autonegotiation and decides carrier is down.  (Some of
them can be taught to be more forgiving, but I suspect some can't, and
it's easier and simpler in many cases to just use the hub.  Most such
hardware can't do better than 10/half anyway, and I rarely want to run
significant levels of traffic from two such at once, so it doesn't
really impair anything in practice.)

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