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Re: Please RUMPify tests in sbin/ifconfig

Jukka Ruohonen <> writes:

>> This is not what I expect to tests. I think that they should be
>> converted to RUMP, and moved into tests/net/if, since:
>> (1) Tests should not do harm to host. Consider if tests for route(8)
>> modify the routing table of host. Is this acceptable?
> I respectfully disagree. Arguments:
> 	A. As far as I know, (1) is not an issue.

My belief is that on a system which is operational, it should be safe to
run the entire test suite, and users should be encourage to do this
after upgrade.  It should also avoid crashing the host.

> 	B. The explanation behind (3) is rump itself! Without these tests,
> 	   the whole issue would not have been caught.
> 	B. It is important to have tests for "real hardware" / device
> 	   drivers. It is likely that shmif(4) cannot reproduce many of the
> 	   PRs behind these tests.

I think it's reasonable and useful to have tests, but it is not ok for
them to run from "atf-run ." by default.  They need to be opted into
with some argument that says "run tests that modify the current system,
which means that they cannot be used except on a system whose entire
current purpose is testing".

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