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Re: nd6_free assumes all routers are processed by kernel RA

On 25/08/2019 21:50, Robert Elz wrote:
One question though:

   | inet6: Don't install a default route if no global addresss

Is that literally what it is, or is "no global address" a shorthand
for "no address other than a LL address" ?   It makes no difference
to me (to my system) as global addr or only LL address are all my
syste ever sees (that I can think of anyway) - but a system with ULA
addresses should get routes installed too.

No need to reply, I will find out when I test it (I will test the ULA
case, just to find out) but as that is a few hours away yet, and I am

I'll reply anyway.
The test is for any valid non LL address.
By valid, that currently means not tentative, duplicated nor detached.
Although I am considering relaxing that to not duplicated.


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