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Re: scp throughput

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> So I guess Someone should report a bug upstream; it seems obvious that
> the upstream patch should adjust the example config files and
> ssh_config/sshd_config to explain the new options.  But perhaps they do
> and we didn't apply that part.

(sort of note to self)

  /etc/ssh/sshd_config is patched.
  sshd_config(5) is NOT patched.

  /etc/ssh/ssh_config is NOT patched (no hpndisabled commented out).
  ssh_config(5) is NOT patched.

  ssh(1) and sshd(8) do not say the HPN patches are applied.

  ssh -V does not say the HPN patches are applied.

  sshd identifies as "OpenSSH_7.6 NetBSD_Secure_Shell-20171007" not
  mentioning HPN patches.  Not sure what's right here.

Plus, I just tried again with "hpndisabled yes" on sender and
"HPNDisabled yes" on receiver and got the same speed as before.

Could a few others test, on GbE LAN or better, and report experiences?

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