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change ifmedia word from int to uint64_t


 I'm now working to extend ifmedia word to be able to support
more than 10Gbps media.


I changed ifmedia's word from int to uint64_t. It's almost the
same as OpenBSD who did 5 years ago.

What do you think about the above diff?
IMHO, it would be better to change ifmword_t(with uint64_t)
than uint64_t. For example

(from ifconfig/media.c's diff)
> @@ -374,7 +374,8 @@ media_status(prop_dictionary_t env, prop
>  	/* Interface link status is queried through SIOCGIFMEDIA.
>  	 * Not all interfaces have actual media. */
>  	if (ifmr.ifm_count != 0) {
> -		media_list = (int *)malloc(ifmr.ifm_count * sizeof(int));
> +		media_list = (uint64_t *)malloc(ifmr.ifm_count
> +		    * sizeof(*media_list));
>  		if (media_list == NULL)
>  			err(EXIT_FAILURE, "malloc");
>  		ifmr.ifm_ulist = media_list;

If we use ifmword_t, it makes easy to change the size in future.

This patch has some TODOs:

 - COMPAT_NETBSD32? (currently i386 old binary doesn't work on
 - I would change the hook point. Current location is not good
   because we have to add "case: OSIOC[GS]IFMEDIA" to all driver
   which calls ifmedia_ioctl(). (see if_wm.c's patch)


                SAITOH Masanobu (

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