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Re: Routing between two internal networks

On 2018-05-20 15:08, Andy Ruhl wrote:
> Once you put an address on the wm1 interface there should be a connected
> route in the routing table, and the machine should choose that route before
> any other.
> If it doesn't work, it could be an npf thing in which case I don't know off
> hand how to solve that. I haven't spent much time with npf yet. Turning off
> npf would confirm that.

   Yeah, I'm an idiot.  I had a shell session saved in a text file which
I was supposed to paste into the original mail -- but I forgot.  What it
shows is that I could ping the access point but I could not reach it via
http, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't really a routing issue.

   It works now though.

Kind Regards,
Jan Danielsson

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