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Re: Routing between two internal networks

> What's the appropriate way to make it possible to reach the wifi LAN
> from the wired LAN
1. You need net.inet.ip.forwarding=1 on the gateway machine (you probably 
   have that already).
2. I don't know npf, but maybe you need to tell it not to block packets 
   to be routed between two private networks.
3. You need to tell the machine on the wired LAN that the wifi net is 
   accessable through the gateway machine, i.e. route add net 
   netmask 192.168.4.XXX (where XXX is the gateway machine's 
   address on the wired net) and the other way round. Either of these 
   (or both) may be already covered by default routes.

> for the purpose of accessing the http(s)-based management interface
It would be easier to add a management address in the wired LAN if that's 

If you try to ping the managent addr from the LAN, what's the problem?

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