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Re: how do I disable IPv6?

[moving from port-amd64 to tech-net]

>> Does turning off "options INET6" (or INET) not work?
> INET6 as a compile time change, yes, of course.   [...]

> INET, no, too much of the system requires that one to be enabled, if
> it even builds without it, I'd be surprised.

I just did some tests with amd64 5.2 - of course, I don't know how much
things may have changed since then.  I started with my GEN52 config,
which is 5.2 GENERIC with a few minor config-time tweaks (I can give
full details if you care) and various kernel code changes, I _think_
none of which are relevant here.

I tried three versions of that: one with INET disabled; one with INET6
disabled; one with both INET and INET6 disabled.

With INET disabled and INET6 enabled, as you suspect, it does not work.
I had to disable jme and sl to get it to compile, and it then fails to
link, with various data structures apparently conditional on INET but
used by INET6.  I suspect these would be relatively easy to fix (just
INET -> INET|INET6), but I haven't tried it.  (I probably will at some
point; IMO a v6-only config should work.)

With INET enabled and INET6 disabled, all I had to do in addition was
disable pseudo-device stf.  (Not surprising considering what stf is,
though I think it really should either disable itself or #error in a
config without both INET and INET6.)

With neither INET nor INET6, I had to also disable jme, ipfilter, sl,
tun, stf, and srt, but I then got a kernel that linked.  (I haven't
tried booting it.)

> [And] certainly INET6 without INET (a v6 only host) has no chance of
> working.

Well, as of 5.2, I suspect it would need only a little work.  (That's
only a guess, though, of course.)

I really should fix jme - and maybe sl; I forget which version of sl is
in the source tree I was using, but at least one of my sl versions
should be usable in a no-INET no-INET6 kernel.

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