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Re: Howto use agr to aggregate VPN tunnels

That's not netstat -s, it's netstat -i.  (Also you have wrapped the
diffs which makes them hard to read.)

The point of netstat -s is that there a vast number of counters in the
system.  On my netbsd-7 system there are 555.lines of output.  Many of
them are error counters that stay 0.  With problems, it's common (but
not universal) that some of these counters increase; in theory any error
and any normal path should increment some counter.   So the idea is to
look for changes you don't understand.

For interface counts, you have to know how this is supposed to work and
to trace the increments across multiple interfaces, removing all other
confusing traffic and injecting test traffic.   This is indeed not easy.

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