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Link aggregation between NetBSD agr and Linux bond interfaces


I'm trying to aggregate two openvpn links between a Linux server (debian) and a NetBSD client (running 7.0.2). I have done some test with a 7.99.43 kernel/userland on an AlphaStation with the same result.

I suppose I have understood agr capabilities, I use it with a switch for a long time without trouble.

On Linux side, I have started two openvpn servers (UDP configuration). Each VPN runs on a different VDSL2 link. I don't have openvpn configuration issue as this configuration runs fine without aggregation. I have stopped all firewalls on both servers.

+- eth0 (LAN)
+- eth1 (WAN ISP1)
+- eth2 (WAN ISP2)
+- tap1 (UDP on ISP1)
+- tap2 (UDP on ISP2)

    I have added in /etc/network/interfaces:

auto bond0
iface bond0 inet static
        slaves tap1 tap2
        bond_mode 4
# 4 = 802.3ad, I have tried round-robin (0)	
        bond_miimon 100
        bond_downdelay 200
        bond_updelay 200

and I obtain a bond0 interface.

On NetBSD side, I have tried to configure a new agr interface without success.

+- wm0 (WAN)
+- tap0 (to Linux's tap1)
+- tap1 (to Linux's tap2)
+- agr0 (wm1 + wm2, 802.3ad)

wm1 and wm2 are linked into agr0:

legendre# cat ifconfig.agr0
agrport wm1
agrport wm2
inet netmask
!ifconfig wm1 up
!ifconfig wm2 up

I have tried to create a new agr1 interface but it doesn't work as expected. Maybe I have misunderstood something.

ifconfig create agr1 creates a new interface. I have to add and remove agrports. Thus, I have written openvpn up and down scripts to add and remove agrports. Problem : when a tunnel stops, tap interface is dismounted and ifconfig returns :

    agrport: , flags=0x3<COLLECTING,DISTRIBUTING>
    agrport: tap1, flags=0x3<COLLECTING,DISTRIBUTING>

Please note that tap0 is replaced by '' and this port cannot be delete anymore. I have added persist-tun option in openvpn configuration and problem disappears.

I have created agr interface by hand (openvpn without inet/inet6 parameters and I have added network configuration directly on agr1 interface). I haven't obtain a running aggregated tunnel. I have tried to use link0 and -link0 parameters without success.

    Even with interfaces up on both sides, tunnel is unusable.

Is it possible to write a configuration to aggregate two openVPN links between a Linux server an a NetBSD client ?

	Best regards,


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