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Re: improvements

>> Create multiple vlan(4) interfaces per port and have each vlan(4)
>> interface be a member of a different bridge(4) domain.
> I'm not sure I like this.  This is the opposite of how you manage a
> real switch (hp, cisco, etc ...).  On these device, you have a single
> view of the switching fabric, with vlan tag information when
> pertinent.

So they're different; that doesn't make either one wrong.

On a "real switch", the things that on NetBSD are bridge interfaces are
implicit; they have no visibility in the interface - there is
implicitly one per vlan, so there is nothing to configure except which
vlan(s) a each non-trunk port belongs to, and which tags are acceptable
on each trunk port.  That NetBSD configures this information via the
vlan pseudo-devices rather than the underlying interface devices
reflects its more general-purpose nature.

I actually prefer the NetBSD way...though I do wish vlan(4) had a way
to configure a vlan interface to get/generate untagged packets or, for
input, packets with a tag not otherwise claimed.

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