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Re: improvements

In reference to:

On 29/09/2013 4:22 AM, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
My though about swconfig is that it's in some way redundant with brconfig. As I see it, both allow configuring a subsystem which allows interconnecting ethernet interfaces; one of them being implemented in software. I see that hardware switches allows much more than bridge(4) actually can do, but bridge(4) could be extended. Some of these features (such as 802.1q vlans) would be usefull for virtualisation.

Agreed, supporting VLANs with bridge(4) would be very useful.

From a certain perspectice, swconfig(8) is nothing more than the means
throughwhich the hardware is programmed.

How does brconfig need to change in order for swconfig to not be required?

Or are further changes required, such as the device model where we have
a"switch" that attaches to mvls0 and a "switch" that attaches to some
softwarebridge?(Both switches would be managed using the same commands.)


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