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IPv6 DAD stuck on a sk(4) interface


Right after upgrading to yesterday's -current (i386) from a 6.99.16 kernel and
userland (about 05/2013 IIRC), I have a strange behaviour at boot time.

One of my NIC is stuck with an ipv6 'tentative' address flag. This is an sk(4),
on a router box (ip6mode=router), with a static ipv6 address. It remains like
so no matter what, until I just issue a 'ifconfig sk0' on the console (yes,
just that). Then everything starts working as expected. IPv4 has no issue at

The box is running npf, but totally disabling (npf=no) doesn't change
anything. The box has other rtk(4) interfaces and a gif(4) tunnel and they all
work correctly. Another box (ip6mode=host) with wm(4) and msk(4) also works as
expected with the same kernel/userland.

There was this commit about DAD:
but I'm not sure it's related (since other interfaces work well).

I also checked this one, but reverting doesn't change anything:

I'm running out of ideas to debug this... Any hint ? :)



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