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Re: CVS import: src/external/bsd/dhcpcd/dist

Sorry to be insistent, but after another try, my situation (still) is:

Using netbsd-current/i386 updated yesterday, I have the problem (that
I have been seen for a few days) that the network interface (pcn0)
seems to start in state 'down'.

With the following complete contents of /etc/rc.conf (except for
leading comment lines):

if [ -r /etc/defaults/rc.conf ]; then
        . /etc/defaults/rc.conf

# If this is not set to YES, the system will drop into single-user mode.

# Add local overrides below

# pkgsrc:
--------- end of /etc/rc.conf---------

the system starts up acknowledging the hostname being set, but no IP addresses are assigned.

After issuing an 'ifconfig pcn0 up' command, ifconfig in a few seconds
reports that first IPv6, then IPv4 is configured as expected. Then
issuing the hostname command, it reports just
as expected, but a few seconds later, it reports just 'x8-nb-kmod'.

According to your message, is this the time to send a PR ?

- Erik

2013/7/23 Martin Husemann <>:
> On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 11:06:10AM +0200, Erik Bertelsen wrote:
>> This update changes existing behavior, which may have unexpected
>> consequences when people upgrade. I observed pkg_chk failing to read a
>> pkgchk_? file because the hostname was changed after a reboot :-(
> If your hostname changed, and you did set it properly in rc.conf, then
> there is a bug, as Roy has pointed out already: dhcpcd will NOT set a hostname
> by default, UNLESS there is no hostname set.
> Now, if you do not have set it in rc.conf, /etc/rc.d/network would not have
> warned you about that if you have dhpcpcd configured to run later.
> In this case only the change of behaviour might hit you, and the fix is
> easy (either set hostname in rc.conf, probably best solution, or ask dhcpcd
> to use fqdn, as roy described).
> Martin

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