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Re: Privilege dropping for rtadvd

Le 06/07/13 16:53, Roy Marples a écrit :
On 03/07/2013 17:30, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
No objection, one comment: as you are adding the _rtadvd user within
the patch, I would rather end the getpwnam test in fatal() rather than
keeping "the old way" and jump to "setsig".

Most privsep daemons log the missing user and exit right after.

I'm just thinking about upgraders who fail to upgrade passwd/group and
mtree, reboot and their IPv6 only network fails to come up.
Anyone else with experience of upgrading stuff like this have any opinion?

I would say that one of the first things they will look at are the logs, and as rtadvd will exit with a non zero status this will show up on boot too.

If they upgrade the system but forget passwd/group, hmm, they are shooting themselves in the foot; it is part of the postinstall/etcupdate dance. IMHO the checks in the code are not really worth it.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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