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Re: How to use two WAN connections at once?

On Thu, 15 Nov 2012 13:03:42 -0500 (EST)
John Jaser <> wrote:

> "link balancing" sometimes referred as "poor man's BGP4" for outbound
> internet is in principle simple: you NAT your private IP#s into two
> or more public IPs, and either policy route or weight the routes.

I know how to use ipnat with simple round-robin load balancing, but it
would already help me a lot if I knew how I can weight the two routes.

> It gets trickier when you add in the other ingredients: health-checking
> the ISP links and connection stickiness;

Health-checking would be very useful too, as the next step.

> for example a home-banking
> web app that suddenly sees your source IP change.

When there is no easy solution for it, I would solve this problem by
routing all accesses to a home-banking IP over the same WAN port.

Frank Wille

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