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Re: How to use two WAN connections at once?

On 14/11/2012, at 11:17 PM, Frank Wille <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have two WAN connections (e.g. ADSL), which I both want to use transparently
> from my LAN. A kind of load-balancing would be nice, because the first WAN
> port is slower than the second, but more stable.
> Is that possible with ipfilter or pf? How would I do that?

I don't recall seeing that feature in ipfilter, but ipfilter is feature rich, 
so it might. I doubt it though.

The best you are likely to get is to be able to switch to your slow WAN 
connection when your fast one goes down. You need to run some sort of routing 
protocol for that and routed will probably be able to deliver what you need 
just fine. If you are running NAT on each WAN interface, then you will lose 
every TCP connection when you fail over. 


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