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Re: Using multiple interfaces (3+) causes intermittent system freezes on NetBSD 5.1_STABLE and later... [was: NetBSD 5 partly freezing, may be related to 802.1Q]

Hi again,

On Aug 15, 2012, at 13:55 , Greg Troxel wrote:
> Fredrik Pettai <> writes:
>  [system with 3 NICs freezes, may be vlan, ??]
>> I haven't found any suitable PR for this problem, so maybe you or I
>> should file one?
>> The sad thing is that we can't get any valuable debugging information,
>> as the system becomes unresponsive...
> I know of two problems, and likely neither is the one you are having:
>  On four-port wm cards, there is some sort of pci-pci bridge (to two
>  dual wm chips), and netbsd-5 and netbsd-6 both (as of early 2012) fail
>  to cope, causing some sort of inscrutable hard lockup.  This is not
>  about having 4 wm interfaces; it's specifically about the quad-port
>  PCI-E cards with a PCI-PCI bridge and 2 chips, each of which is a
>  2-function PCI device.

Yes, and I found your old thread about this issue that we also are experiencing:

BTW did Joerg's suggestion to use AMD64 with PHYSMEM_MAX_ADDR=3500 help?

I can't find a PR on this issue. Shouldn't we create one?


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