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Re: should inetd require rpcbind?

>>>>> "ef" == ef  <Edgar> writes:
    ef> When RPC-based entries are enabled, inetd must be started after
    ef> rpcbind. 


    ef> Currently, this seems to happen by chance because inetd REQUIREs
    ef> DAEMON,  
    ef> and nfslocking is BEFORE: DAEMON and REQUIREs nfsd, which, in
    ef> turn REQUIREs  
    ef> rpcbind.

but, if I want to run inetd without RPC entries, I'd rather that rpcbind
didn't start, and that it wasn't required to be installed.

    ef> So, should inetd directly REQUIRE rpcbind?

If rpcbind isn't installed, or isn't started, will this cause it to fail?

    ef> Should nfslocking also explicitly REQUIRE rpcbind?


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